Discount Admin Helper - nopCommerce plugin - Free

Facilitates search option in discount list page of admin section. Displays discount list with revenue, orders count for each discount offered. It's free ( source code included ) Supported Versions: nopCommerce 3.10 , nopCommerce 3.20 , nopCommerce 3.30 , nopCommerce 3.40 , nopCommerce 3.50

Why this plugin is useful: By default nopcommerce discount admin section ( admin->promotions-> discounts ) does not have any search facilities, if you have more than hundreds of promotions going on, it is really hard to navigate though myriad of pages to find a particular offer. Discount Admin Helper gives that power to search any promotional offer, where the admin can easily see which offers have got the most responses and which have not.
Features: This plugin facilitates the admin users to search for promotional offers by a number of important factors like name, coupon code, start date and end (based on usage history). Admin can search the promotional offers and can view the total revenue earned and total number of orders from that particular promotion.
Updated on Oct 03, 2014
Following issues are fixed
For 3.30, 'Add New' was not working
Plugin did not work on 3.40

Updated on Jan 01, 2015
Happy new year 2015, now support nopCommerce 3.50

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